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Municipal Tax Sale

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Municipal Tax Sale

To view the minutes of the Monday September 24, 2018 Tax Sale click here.

Your property will be sold at a tax sale if you are in delinquent balance, which reflects 3 years of unpaid taxes. The tax sale is held annually, according to the Province of British Columbia's Local Government Act.

The annual tax sale takes place at 10 am on the last Monday in September at the Council Chambers. Properties which may be included in the annual tax sale will be listed in the local newspaper the week preceding the tax sale. If the delinquent taxes are paid before 10:00 am on the tax sale day, they will be removed from the list of properties.

Register for the Tax Sale

All individuals who intend to bid on properties in the tax sale will need 1 piece of photo ID and SIN number to bid for a property at the auction.

Avoid Tax Sale of Your Property

  • Pay your property taxes and claim your home owner grant (if eligible) by the due date;
  • Pay your delinquent taxes by September 2 to avoid your property from being listed in the newspaper;
  • Pay your delinquent taxes, including interest, by mid-September to stop your property from going to tax sale.

Pay Delinquent Taxes

Payment for delinquent taxes will be accepted in the following forms:

  • Certified cheque or money order
  • Bank draft
  • Lawyer's trust cheque
  • Interac (at Municipal Office)
  • Telephone or internet banking (allow 3 to 4 business days to process)
  • Cash (at Municipal Office)


The current owner has 1 year after the property is sold at Tax Sale to pay all taxes, interest, and charges to retain ownership of their property. This is called the redemption period.

Registered charge holders have full right to redeem the property. To redeem the property, the charge holder must remit the full upset price, plus interest on the purchase price at a rate set by the Province, within 1 year of the Tax Sale.

As soon as the property is redeemed, the Collector will refund to the Tax Sale purchaser the purchase price, plus interest to the date of redemption.

Property Not Redeemed

If the property is not redeemed during the 1 year period, the Collector registers the new owner at the Land Title Office. thus canceling all previous charges, except for those matters set out in Section 276(1)(c) to (g) of the Land Title Act, and any lien of the Crown, an improvement district, or local district.


This page is intended to provide a general outline of the tax sale process. For complete information, prospective purchasers should consult the Local Government Act, in particular (but not limited to) Sections 645 to 672.

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 10:00am to 3:00pm

1775 Glencaird Street
PO Box 430
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