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The Village of Lumby contracts out the household waste pickup for residential service. Waste is picked up on a Thursday of each week. Containers to be at curbside by 7 am. Two containers per household. Each container shall not exceed 23 kilos (50 lbs.) Additional bag-tags may be purchased at the Village Municipal Office.  Commercial and industrial waste is by private contract.

Holiday Season Household Waste Pick-up Schedule Change
Progressive Waste Solutions wishes to inform their clients in Lumby that there will be regular Garbage Pickup for December 26th. They do not operate on Christmas or New Years Day.

For further information about waste management in the Village of Lumby, please contact us. For further information about waste management in the North Okanagan please visit the Regional District of North Okanagan's website.

For Regional District of North Okanagan Solid Waste & Recycling Waste Management Plans & Publications click here.

For Lumby and Area "D" Regional Disposal Facility hours of operation click here.  For waste reduction and recycling resource click here.

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